Ethical corporate governance, credible health care delivered by the best in the profession, helping the patients to take an informed medical decision, promoting preventive and domiciliary health care, bringing in transparency in medical documentation, accounting and billing are part of our philosophy.

India needs an insurance backed health care system that is affordable and available to our senior citizens and the people at the bottom of Indian economical pyramid, at a low premium.  To make this happen the health care financiers, the provider network and the policyholders should adopt an honest approach.

The Anyuta group consisting of, Anyuta TPA, provider network hospitals, doctors and paramedics are already in the job of motivating people to stay healthy.  We have set up offices to educate people on preventive and curative health care.

We encourage people to discuss their medical problems and take suitable treatment from the doctors or hospitals which ever suits them the best. We request the hospitals to reduce their costs where ever possible in the interest of the patient and the insurers.

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