Health for all

Government Health Care System
  • The government Hospitals are spread across the country and more so in the rural areas, whereas the Private Sector hospitals are concentrated in the urban areas.
  • It is said that 80% of the poor prefer to get treated at the Private Sector Health Care System even though it is cheaper in the government hospitals.
  • It is also said that most of the government health care spending ends up helping the rich than the poor.
  • The general impression is that the government hospitals are mainly for the poor, badly kept and poorly managed.
  • It is also said that these hospitals are under staffed and under equipped. There is always shortage of medical and surgical sundries.
  • Somehow the people feel that the government hospitals are used as private hospitals by the government doctors.
The mindset will change when,
  1. Care before cost becomes a reality with Health care reforms
  2. Common law is in place governing the Private and Public sector Health Care delivery systems alike.
  3. A free movement of doctors providing services in the government and private sector Hospitals on “Fee for Service” basis is a reality.
  4. Doctor are able to admit and treat the patient in the hospital of patient`s choice, be it government or Private sector Hospital
  5. Insurance driven cashless health care with an element of copayment becomes a reality.
  6. People are able to select their Insurer and TPA in Health care and have portability, since both are licensed and regulated by IRDA.
  7. All financial transactions are done through Banking instruments only
  8. Digitalization, Transparency and accountability occur in medical documentation; billing and accounting system become a reality.

Then only the government’s hospitals will look function and managed like corporate hospitals, providing quality care. The cutting edge technology will be available at the doorstep. The Government and Private hospitals will compete for professional and academic excellence. Health care costs will fall and quality will improve. The Moral Hazard will disappear altogether. “Health for all” guaranteed by the Constitution of India under Article 47, will be a reality

What we need is a change, change is not merely necessary for life … it is life.
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