Anyuta in Health Care

What is Anyuta?

  1. Anyuta is Doctor based,
  2. IRDA licensed
  3. Third Party Administrator (TPA) in Health care

Scope of work

  1. Network Hospital, Doctors, Diagnostic Centers
  2. Provide Hospitalized Health care to Insured Patients
  3. Process and Settle Claims for any Insurance companies.

Anyuta has more than 2000 hospitals networked across the country

  1. Provides health care to 5 districts in Oddisha
  2. Provides health care to the entire Rajasthan government employees
  3. Provides health care to National Insurance company
  4. Provided Health care to Clench Foundation at Kolkata
  5. Provided Health care to New India Assurance Company

What is IRDA?

  1. Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority of India (IRDA) is like SEBI, a Govt. of India
  2. Only insurance companies can sell Health insurance
  3. Only 30 TPAs licensed by IRDA in India and ANyuta TPA in Health care is one of them

Anyuta Health care concept

  1. To provide 24/7 total health care cover to every Indian
  2. Make Health care Affordable and Available in the neighborhood

How do we achieve it?

  1. By using the existing Health Care infrastructures like Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Day.
  2. By using the existing Doctors / Nurses / Technicians / Paramedics.
  3. By motivating people to participate in creating and running the unit.
  4. By integrating the Private and Public Sector Health Care Infrastructure.
  5. By introducing “ Fee for Service” concept.
  6. By making Insurer pay for the Services of the Doctors / Nurses / Investigation / Pharmacy / Procedures / Surgical and Medical Sundries separately.

Why Anyuta Concept is innovative?

  1. Essential service, needed by every human being, no financial risk, covering pan India.
  2. Networking existing Systems and using for people advantage and reducing cost .
  3. Every bit of the system is in place, health care products are available in the market.
  4. Organized health care, transparent and accountable and is regulated.
  5. Single window approach in Health care.
  6. Providing Total Health care cover ( In patient & Outpatient ).
  7. Outpatient Cover by Primary Care Centers @ Rs.1100/- per family of 5 members per.
  8. Inpatient cover by Health Insurance .

How safe is it?

  1. Regulated and governed by Insurance and Health laws and systemized and safe to use .
  2. Hospitals and Doctors are licensed to operate and practice and are regulated.
  3. The products are from Insurance Companies who will provide and service their products.
  4. There will not be any dilution of core value.
  5. All transactions are through Banking instruments only.
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