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Anyuta Medinet Healthcare Private Limited Company was incorporated under The Companies Act 1956 on 15.02.02, with CIN: U85110KA2002PTC030132, and PAN: AAECA1295Q respectively.  The company has only two Share Holders and two Directors, Dr. N. Ravindra Shetty and Mrs. Sumitra Shetty.

The IRDA advised all TPAs to have “TPA in Healthcare” incorporated to the company name. Accordingly we added “TPA in Healthcare” and became - Anyuta TPA in Healthcare (Pvt.) Ltd.

Anyuta is one of the first few organizations to get the license to function as a Third Party Administrators – in Health Care, from Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority (IRDA) (IRDA License No. 17 issued on 16th May 2002).  The license was promptly renewed each time as per the IRDA guideline and is in service.

Anyuta is a Doctor based TPA, with vast experiences in preventive, therapeutic, curative care and is well versed in Medical documentation and Hospital Administration. The doctors with Anyuta are committed to medical profession and are ethical in their approach.  Patient care is their motto and creation of a healthy nation is their passion.  At present we are working on making healthcare affordable and available to every Indian by risk pooling and risk sharing method.

We believe that for a healthy sustainable model, the healthcare financiers (Insurer, trusts, private funds) providers (hospitals, Nursing Homes, day care centers, Diagnostic Centers, Clinics, Doctors) and the administrators ( TPA ) should create a marginal surplus while giving the best care to the policyholder.  This can happen only with mutual trust and absence of moral hazard amongst the stakeholders. 

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