Health Care Management by Anyuta

Anyuta Medinet Limited,
is a doctor based professional, health care management company.
Rising health care costs
Today, with rising health care costs, hospitals becoming business houses, managed by CEO`s trained to generate wealth to the hospitals and the people falling sick with major ailments and accidents, the health management is more than wealth management.
Reasons for high Health care costs
The reasons for sky rocketing health care costs are, cutting edge technology with state of art hospitals coming up all over the country, providing quality care and the people wanting to get treated in such hospitals. In such situations, the only way to contain cost is by pooling and sharing risks and outsourcing the healthcare management to professionals in the field to prevent Moral Hazard.
Moral hazard
With “Anyuta Medinet Limited” managing your health care there is little scope for Moral hazard. Our doctors prevent unnecessary hospitalization, over medication, over investigation, unnecessary procedures / surgery and over stay in the hospital, while providing quality care. Here the medical documentation, billing and accounting is transparent.

Anyuta TPA in Health Care
Our associate - Anyuta TPA in Health care, is an IRDA Licenced TPA in Healthcare, has provided and managed Health care of the,

  1. entire Rajasthan State Government Employees for over three years.
  2. entire Karnataka State Fire & Emergency Services Department employees ABY Healthcare over two years.
  3. entire Karnataka State Department Home Guards & Civil Defence Department employees ABY Healthcare over two years.
  4. entire 4 Districts of Odisha State RSBY, for IFCO- Tokio Insurance Company limited .
  5. people buying Mediclaim health insurance from The National Insurance Company Limited.
  6. UHIS for BPL, insurance in Karnataka State, for The New India Assurance Company Limited.
  7. Clench foundation Health Insurance in West Bengal State.

Each one of the above have saved on revenue out flow or made profits because of our services. The Rajasthan State Government Employees Health Insurance, run by RSI&PF Department, gained in multiples of crores of rupees, year on year for the past three years. All these are on record and documented.
It is important for the organizations to teach their employees to stay fit and practice preventive medicine. This will prevent absentees and increase productivity. We can help you in all these with no additional costs.
Anyuta Trust
The “Anyuta Charitable Trust” run scheme combines the Out – patient and the Hospitalized care, to take away the health care worries altogether. People can opt for this scheme individually or through their organizations.
Please visit our website; or call us on 9845010136. Our e – mail is :
Single window in Health Care
Anyuta is a single window for all health care needs. It provides you with health insurance, health care delivery by way of out – patient and hospitalized care, process claims and settles it. Anyuta puts “care before cost” and prevents Moral Hazard in the health care industry.
Health Care Solutions
Responsibility of the State Health Care Managers
Hence it is all the more important to fix responsibility
Health care Industry
Doctors and the Hospitals alone can bring the care costs down.
Health Care Financier, TPA and the Policyholder
He also wants to know his part and the insurer`s part of payment towards the treatment costs.

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